Frankson Group


Career Development

At Frankson, employees are invaluable assets and their career and personnel growth are of prime concern to the Company. We provide a congenial atmosphere to work, learn and grow. The Company conducts various programs to train their staff in the latest technology and management practices. The Company through its in-house training programs trains the employees at Frankson and provides an opportunity to unleash their potential and recognize the talent ,which is mutually beneficial for employee as well as the organization. We provide opportunity of Learning & Development which imparts necessary ‘behavioral’, ‘soft skill’, “sales” and 'techinical' training to employees and we provide in House Training to our all employees so they can learn and Grow.


* Employee development is not just about acquiring skills or solving any problem but also about addressing challenges and expanding perspectives.
* Continuing personal development is as much an obligation of all employees.
* Building human competencies and capacities is critical to our continued growth and success.

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