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Frankson Home Elevator

The Elevator is a modern vertical transportation designed mainly for use in households. The system fits within a vertical elevator hoistway and connects the floors to be serviced. Two different drive systems are available with your elevator, the Hydraulic Drive and the In-line Drive. This Design Guide assists architects, contractors, homeowners and elevator professionals in installing the Home Elevators. We recommend that you should contact your local Lift representative to discuss and become familiar with the requirements of your area.

It is greatly important for you to know and abide by all local codes and regulations for the installation and use of home elevators. If your building has more than G + 2 floors you will probably want to consider an electric traction elevator. Traction elevators are better suited for taller buildings since they have greater speeds and heights. Traction elevators are found in a variety of drives such as theorist controlled drives and variable voltage, variable frequency AC (V3F) drives which offer good power savings, smooth ride and accurate levelling.

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