Frankson Group


Lift is one of the most important elevators for any multi-storied building. It easily carries the passengers and goods to different floors. It is necessary to trust a famous lift company for lift installation. We are a reputed service provider in the lift industry offering unique installation, repairing and maintenance. We have expertise in all kinds of elevators and escalators. If you are looking for a suitable Lift installation service provider, Frankson Elevator Company is the only solution for you. With the expertise and working experience, our technicians and engineers can provide world-class Lifts installation service. We arrange everything in a cost-effective manner. Our company also offers quality Lift installation services for buildings of any specification. Require lift installation in your office or corporate house? Give a call to us and relax. We will serve you honestly. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Elevator Installation :

Frankson Elevator is specialised in the successful installation of new elevators. We offer both freight and passenger Elevator installation services including lifts, escalators, dumbwaiters, and others. We can install elevator system in new and existing residential, commercial as well as corporate buildings at very reasonable prices. Our team of experts provides Office Elevators Installation service in corporate houses. Our Passenger Elevator is unique for commercial buildings such as stadiums, shopping malls, airports, and railway stations.

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