Frankson Group


Intelligent, Energy Saving

Our Company has successfully become famous for the installation of Intelligent Motor Controller Cum Energy Saver that can reduce energy consumptions. The energy saver is manufactured under the guidance of our skilled technicians using quality tested materials and modern technology.

The world’s largest consumer of electrical energy is electric motors. Motors, in most cases, unless properly controlled, consume much more energy than needed for the work. From Frankson, you will get clear benefits and a huge improvement in motor efficacy - saving costs, saving energy and at the same time providing more reliable operation.

By adjusting the switch-on point relative to the voltage zero crossing each half cycle of the supply, it is possible to regulate the current flowing through the Thyristors by controlling the voltage. The Thyristors are switched on at a calculated point in the waveform; the closer this is to the zero crossing point in the waveform, the smaller the value of the current that will be allowed to flow.

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