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Frankson has great expertise in developing all types of Elevators & Escalators including unique spare parts. After a certain time, every machinery needs to be upgraded according to the latest trend. Same matter is applied in the field of elevators. With the arrival of modern technology, modernization in elevators is in huge demand. Clients can avail our Elevator Modernization service at reasonable prices. Our team of expert engineers and technicians has vast expertise and experience in Elevator developing service. We are capable of modernising any type of existing residential and commercial elevator. Frankson can manage the entire process for you smoothly. After the proper survey of your existing elevators, our technicians calculate the specifications to be updated. Depending on the results of the calculations, the technicians replace or upgrade the elevator. We take care of your existing elevator and offer Elevator Modernization service for all types of buildings at a cost-effective price. We make use of the attractive designs and creative cabins for an elegant look. Our company also provides machine drive up gradation for minimising power consumption.


To ensure when you should need modernization, please go through the list given below. You will surely have a clear idea about when your lift wants Modernization.

* If the elevator is more then 10 years old.
* Looks shabby and outdated.
* Frequently Passengers get trapped inside.
* Frequent breakdowns.
* Negative effect on property value.
* Gives unpleasant noise from machine room.
* Poor floor levelling and ride comfort.
* Passengers have to wait long in the lobby or number of passengers increased.
* Power consumption increases badly.
* Lift not complies with the present safety codes and standards.

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