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Frankson Panoramic Elevator

We are pleased to offer a wide range of Panoramic Elevators. They are available in elegant designs and unique models. These elevators are easy to install. These are vastly used in both outdoors and inside railway stations, shopping malls, hotels, banks and many other similar places. The panoramic elevators have an outstanding outlook. Visible on one side and to step aside on the floors of your will on the other side. Built in speed very high, good comfort and excitement of viewing the outsides of is an addition to the developments of these machines. We provide all types of Panoramic Elevators having an elegant design to provide a comfortable experience to the passengers. The technology provides extreme silent operation. It is also reliable and economical with minimum maintenance. We are the best Capsule Lift Company in India.

Products Features :

  • Vibrant color coated finish doors
  • Safety Door & Electrical Interlock
  • Single & Reverse Phase Protection
  • Digital Lift Position Indicators
  • Micro Processor Controller
  • Pleasing Interiors & Design Element
  • Have rear side mirror
  • Inbuilt battery operated drive
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