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As technology improves with the passage of time, the standard of reliability requires to be more authentic. In the arena of technology and service, Frankson Group is unbeatable. These new technologies can be updated to your existing equipment with customised Frankson Elevator solutions.

With growing urbanization around the world, the use of elevators is increasing a lot in moving people in modern cities. Our quality elevators take care of passengers comfort while riding. At the same time, they allow the building owners to increase their property’s appeal. Frankson Elevator has a variety of solutions at hand. That's why we are the leading elevator producer in the industry.

Safety Sensor for Power Operated Doors :
To avoid any passenger from getting stuck in between the Elevator doors, every elevator with power operated doors is equipped with safety sensors. These safety sensors cover the entire door height. These safety sensors are equipped with cross infra-red beams to detect any little object that comes in the way of a closing door. Power operated doors of premium elevators have 3D door sensors which can detect a person near the elevator. These sensors enable the doors to stay open for that person to enter the elevator.

Air Conditioning Unit :
Air conditioning unit can easily be installed inside the elevators to provide better travel comfort for the passengers. This unit keeps the elevator cabin cool and also reduces the noise caused by the fan in the elevator cabin.

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