Frankson is one of the leading elevator companies having in-house R&D and production facilities. As a Private Limited Company, it came into the picture in 1988 with a strong support from professionals and technocrats. We have done extensive market studies in the Elevator business. We have great faith in up-gradation, innovation, passion & learning for perfection. In the elevator industry, technology changes at a rapid speed and the customers’ expectations demand immense changes. In Frankson, we appreciate the contribution of every team member in the quality of products and services we provide. For that reason, we appoint only talented, inventive, energetic staffs who are committed to meet our customers’ requirements. To satisfy your full potential and be a part of team Frankson, send your resume to us at


At Frankson, employees are invaluable assets and their career and personnel growth are of prime concern to the Company. We provide a congenial atmosphere to work, learn and grow. The Company conducts various programs to train their staff in the latest technology and management practices. The Company through its in-house training programs trains the employees at Frankson and provides an opportunity to unleash their potential and recognize the talent ,which is mutually beneficial for employee as well as the organization. We provide opportunity of Learning & Development which imparts necessary ‘behavioral’, ‘soft skill’, “sales” and ‘techinical’ training to employees and we provide in House Training to our all employees so they can learn and Grow.


* Employee development is not just about acquiring skills or solving any problem but also about addressing challenges and expanding perspectives.
* Continuing personal development is as much an obligation of all employees.
* Building human competencies and capacities is critical to our continued growth and success


Elevator and escalator training is usually a combined program and provided primarily through apprenticeship programs, either by the state or local union. A state apprenticeship program or local union partners with different schools to accomplish the classroom training required by the apprenticeship program.

Qualifications :
Qualifications for an elevator and escalator technician apprenticeship program depends upon the state, but all have basic requirements. The student has to be a high school graduate or have a general education diploma. The international student can have the equivalent of a high school diploma to be accepted into the apprenticeship program.

Elevator Mechanical Training :
Mechanical training is part of any elevator and escalator apprenticeship program in all over World. All elevators and escalators utilize mechanical components to operate. The schools that train elevator technicians spend a lot of course time on the types of mechanics used in escalators and elevators.

Elevator Electrical Training :
All elevators and escalators utilize electrical components to operate, and like the mechanical side of the apprenticeship program, a technician requires electrical training. The apprenticeship program offers courses in electrical blueprints, wiring diagrams, electrical troubleshooting and other electrical components used on the elevator and escalator.

Elevator Technician Licensing :
Many states require elevator and escalator technicians to pass a state licensing examination to become a qualified elevator technician — also called a conveyance mechanic. The best way to qualify for a state licensing examination is to complete an apprenticeship program, but experience can qualify individuals for state licensing.


Frankson Elevator is a two-decade old enterprise, Frankson Elevators is a relatively young company formed, 26 years ago, in 1990 . We proudly acclaimed ourselves as ISO 9001:2008 company . In the past , we have transformed into a global technology brand .
Having established our credentials in global delivery models, domain expertise and skilled technocrats we are now focused on delivering elevators and escalators to our esteemed customers .

We welcome you to be a part of our dynamic organization . Working with us would help you to be outstanding in whatever field you choose . In Frankson We offer team work, integrity and passion for technology.