Escalators and Autowalks

Frankson provides an exclusive variety of escalator handrails with unequal durability, elegance and dimensional stability. Frankson has produced this escalator handrail that can be recycled if needed. We are able to provide you handrails of different colours. Our escalators and auto-walks are remarkable for safety, reliability, elegant design, space savings and eco-friendly performance. They ensure safe, reliable and eco-friendly transportation in shopping centres, airports, railway stations and commercial buildings.

We are also popular as Goods Lift Manufacturer Company in India. Frankson company develops a wide range of escalators. The escalators produced by Escalator Manufacturer Company are elegant in look and durable in construction.

For relocating high masses of people, Frankson escalators and auto walks are your smartest choice. Combining the latest designs and technological concepts, they are the output of worldwide resources and global talent. Stylish yet durable, our escalators are designed to be equally at home in the elegant atmosphere and in the tough environment of public transport.

Domestic Escalators

We prepare Domestic Escalators to transport people and goods etc from one floor to another. We produce these escalators from high-quality stainless steel and aluminum. These have linked steps which move up or down on tracks. This keeps the threads in a horizontal position. These escalator lifts are operated by electric and have a continuous moving stairway. These are widely used in malls, hotels, big restaurants etc to cover short distances. We have a vast experience in this industry and produce a wide range of Domestic Escalators for our clients. We comply with strict rules and regulations and thus provide safe products to our client. Our escalators can also be modified as per the different requirements of the clients throughout the nation. We provide the escalators at a reasonable price to the clients as well.


  • Energy saving
  • Beautiful appearance
  • Intelligent control
  • Durability
  • Easy installation

Commercial Escalator

We are pleased to produce Commercial Escalators to transport people, goods etc from one floor to another in public places. These are made from top quality stainless steel and aluminum. Commercial escalators are in great demand to ride in comfort, passenger safety, and elegant finishes that match the interior design of shopping malls, office buildings, and shops. These products are ideal for smooth running and economical operation. These have linked steps which move up or down on tracks. This keeps the threads in a horizontal position. These escalator lifts are operated by power and have a continuous moving stairway. These are vastly used in malls, hotels, big restaurants etc for short vertical distances. Our company produces excellent Commercial Escalators which are vastly used in airports, metro stations, offices etc. These escalators are prepared from high-quality raw materials and advanced technology with the help of skilled professionals. Moreover, these escalators are available at a market-friendly price for our valuable clients.


  • Enhanced appearance
  • Smooth and safe travel
  • Perfect leveling
  • User friendly
  • Long-lasting


A moving walkway or moving sidewalk (American English), is popular in British English as a travellator or a travelator. It is a slow moving conveyor mechanism that moves people across a horizontal plane over a long to medium distance. Moving walkways can be used by standing or walking on them. We use the most advanced control technology to provide perfect operation and reliability. The modern products are ideal for all types of applications offering a smooth & comfortable ride. It is widely applied in supermarket, hypermarket, airport, footbridge and etc. It is also a status symbol for modernized shopping complex and centers.


  • Broken Step Chain Safety Device.
  • Handrail Inlet Safety Device.
  • Handrail Speed Monitor.
  • Comb Plate Safety Device.
  • Middle Rear Plate Device.