Lift Company In India

Lift Company in India

Lift Company In India

An earnest welcome to Lift Company in India. It is a noted and popular elevator company in India. Till the time, this is the top in selling elevators company in India. In the world of elevators, we have a reputation. All our lifts run well for years. They are also good-looking and durable. Already, we have sold our beautiful lifts to thousands of clients. Our customers are not from India only. Also, we satisfied global customers. Besides, our global clients like the quality of our lifts. They get every necessary service from us in time. We are already proved in the area of elevators.

Plus, we maintain our quality from production to installation. Elevators need regular services. So, we provide after-sale and AMC services. In this way, Frankson is an unparalleled company today. We always maintain our quality in our lifts. Hence, upgrade the standards of elevators all the time. As a result, Frankson Elevator Company is now famous. We use branded original parts in our lifts. They are also available in our spare parts division every time. Moreover, our lifts bear great look. Sometimes they enhance the beauty of the area. Besides, they are issueless for years. We know people’s demand and meet them. Our nice and powerful lifts always fulfil your needs. They are also fair in price.

Moreover, we don’t compromise with the quality. We use updated technology in our elevators. Our employees are skilled enough. They are ready to fulfil your every demand. As a result, we gain supports from our customers. We uplift our image by their reputations. We deal national and global clients. Frankson has already installed many nice lifts for them. They are highly satisfied. Visit our site; let us know your need. Our experts are ready to fulfil your elevation needs.

Our Reputation:

Lift Company In India is the top lift company in India. Frankson Elevator Company makes high-quality lifts. It has ISO 9001:2000 certificate. Besides, the customers get good support service from us. We care for your smile. Moreover, our charges are nominal. Lift industry is a big industry. There are many Indian and foreign companies are there. Each company uses own methods to catch the clients. Yet Elevator Company in India holds the brand in this market for years. Our lifts and services are matchless. We have many satisfied customers for our goodwill. Therefore, customers call us in their need. Besides, we also meet new clients from them.

Besides, Lift Company In India participated in many national ventures. Also, we make best quality lift parts. We add the recent developments of elevation in our lifts. Moreover, Lift Company In India update their staffs in regular interval. As a result, we hold the best position in the market. We also have many branches all over India. Hence, the company can provide assured services to its clients.

Furthermore, Lift Company In India uses 100% genuine parts in their lifts. So, the lifts made by Lift Company in India are well in performance for long time. Passenger lifts, MRL Lifts, Home Lifts etc. are few from our list.

Frankson Elevator

Different Kinds of Lifts and their uses:-

Frankson is a leading and popular lift company in India. Our durable and stylish elevators have won the hearts of thousands of people. We design and prepare different kinds of elevators. Here are some of them and their uses:-

Car Lifts:

Lifting cars is something essential in multi-floor car parking places. Today we can find multi-storeyed car parking in many cities. It is to park more cars in a little place. In these places, a car lift works to move a car vertically. Car lifts can be of two types; traction and hydraulic. The lifts work on hydraulic system give smoother and superior ride comfort. Today they are fully computerised, hence, more secure. Sometimes many multi-floor car showrooms also use these lifts for moving of cars. Hence, it has a good prospect in the near future.

Bed Lifts:

Elevation in beds is a utility in a bed. Today people store many things inside their bed. For this purpose, they need to lift the upper part of bed many times. Here, the hydraulic elevation is introduced by the bed makers. Bed lifting is also used in hospitals. In a hospital, beds are lifted with patients. For the big hospitals, empty bed are also stored in vertical racks. Here also sometimes bed lifters are used. Hence, elevation found its place in bed lifting also.

Freight Elevators:

A freight elevator is a lift that is same as passenger lift but big in sizes. Their capacity is also higher than the passenger lifts as they have to carry goods. Freight elevators are mostly used in the malls, sometimes in the big houses. Goods are moved between floors by this type of elevators. Passenger lifts can carry 5 to 20 peoples, whereas a goods lift carries up to 4500 Kgs. at a time. It has significant uses today in the malls and other multilayered constructions.

Glass Elevators:

Glass lift is the recent progress in the elevation world. It is well accepted for many reasons in the big offices and malls. For transparency, direct sunlight comes inside. It works on the mood of people. Electricity is also saved. It also has a tourist value in the monuments. The tourists can get a total view of the place. Its aesthetic designs also attracted people to adapt and apply in their uses.

Hospital Lifts:

In a hospital, the elevation is used in many ways. Everybody has to move in a faster way. Passengers, doctors, patients are using the fast elevation. Depending on the uses, capacity and speed vary from lift to lift. They are sophisticated in nature. In the hospitals, lifts are emergency service to be maintained regularly.

Tablet Lift:

Tablet elevator is used in the tablet manufacturing plant to pick the tablets from the trailer. They are made of contamination-free materials and easy to clean. Tablet elevators have perfection and work in an automated system. In every manufacturing plant today, these are rapidly used. Hence, the lift companies are also making tablet elevators.

Capsule Lift:

Capsule lifts are elevators that move on a single track. It is an open face elevator placed in the exterior place. Capsule lifts may be traction-based or hydraulic in nature depending upon the size of the machine room. They are elegant, with attractive interior designs; also with a panoramic view of the surroundings. Many times such capsule lifts add to the beauty of the building where they are installed.

Superior Services:-

Frankson Lift Company is the model in the area of lift companies. Moreover, this company has its branches all over India. Lift Company in India attends 1000 plus clients per year. For designing our lifts we have expert engineers. All reputed builders in India use our lifts in their constructions. Besides, Lift Company in India is client-friendly every time. We are sincere in our services. When clients call us, we always take them sincerely. Moreover, Lift Company in India always struggles to meet the clients’ needs.

Lift Company in India also offers discounted rates. Moreover, we welcome customers’ advice. The company solves any issue at the earliest. Moreover, we have expert engineers. They install modern technology in their designs. Thus, our lifts are ultra-modern and long-lasting. In this way, we make our customers happy.

Moreover, we are praised for our post-sale services. All the staffs are committed. Our services are as good as our lifts. With this, we win our clients at ease. Besides, Lift company in India never settle for less in the quality issue. Our designs and materials are world-class.

Lift Company in India

Our Pioneer Services:-

Lift company in India is a pioneer in the lift business. In India, our lifts serve many purposes. We beautifully design the false ceilings inside our lifts. Moreover, the lifts that we manufacture are strong and issue-less. We have 6000+ employees with us. Moreover, the company has 47 branches all over India. As a result, customers can find us anytime near them.

Lift Company In India is always responsive to customers. The company builds stylish but powerful lifts. Our expert engineers design beautifully to meet your needs. Moreover, our lifts are cost-effective and long-lasting. Customers’ safety is prime to us. Moreover, they can use our lifts hassle-free. Besides, we are keen to maintain the quality in our lifts. Many famous companies are now our clients and we are praised by them.

Our Technology:-

Technologies changes with time. The new theory upgrades the field. It is same in the area of lift also. We always adopt new technologies in designing the lifts. We follow international technologies. So, many famous companies are now our clients. We install world-class lifts in many houses & offices. Besides, many shopping malls, railway stations, metro stations are using our lifts.

Lift Company in India takes prime care about customer safety. Our lifts are stylish but durable. They are more power-saving than the lifts of other companies. As a result, our lifts work in a better way. As a result, our lifts are capturing the market. In short, we are the pioneer in the lift industry in India. People believe and support us. We are standing at the top lift company in India. We welcome you to see the difference.

Why Frankson Lift Company is the Best???

There are many lift companies in the Indian market. Still, Frankson Lift Company in India holds the top position in the industry. A few reasons behind it:-

Lift Company in India is the model company in the lift industry. We are leading the industry for the past few years. We make top-class lifts. The company never compromises in the materials in their lifts. As a result, our lifts are well accepted. Lift Company in India always designs stylish and durable lifts for their clients. As a result, we are so popular.

Our staffs are sincere in their jobs. They are well-trained. Moreover, they have huge experience in this field. With their help, we make nice lifts. Besides, they promote designs. Our lifts are simply incomparable. As a result, Lift Company in India holds a good reputation in the lift industry.

Lift Company in India is also great in the field of after-sales service and maintenance. You can feel it when you visit our company showroom. We strive to serve you honestly. Hence, Lift Company in India is the leading lift company in India.

We also make various types of lift. Car lifts, hospital lifts, capsule lifts, passenger lifts are few of them. Lift Company in India sets the benchmark in this area. We value your visit. Come once and feel the difference.

Our Other Concerns:-

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The Quality Of Our Nice Elevators:

1. Nice and world-class design and outlook. Elegant shape and style. Attractive to look at. Adorable and eye-soothing appearance.
2. Stout and durable. Lost-lasting and trouble-free. Offers service for long years.
3. Less maintenance cost. Need less maintenance also. Spare parts less expensive. Long years service term.
4. Built from top quality and superior metals. No compromise with quality and quantity. Metals selected after complete quality control measurement.
5. Superior technology. Up to date design and world-class engineering.
6. Excellent models. New design and development with time. 100% satisfaction.
7. Fair and reasonable cost. Charges comparatively lower than the products of other companies.
8. Nice installation process and 24*7 assistance in term of maintenance.
9. Expert and technically skilled staff to assist you in any trouble.
10. Excellent after-sales services and 100% assistance.

Elevator Maintenance & Spare Industry

Elevators generally carry human. Otherwise, they also lift things from the ground level. In both cases, they are essential in daily life. Any sort of break-down in them hampers the regular life. It creates troubles to the users. Especially in the high rise buildings, an elevator is the only way to move between floors. Hence, regular maintenance is the absolute need to get proper service from them. All the lift-making companies, therefore, render annual maintenance service to their clients. They also take care of the spares required in the repairing jobs. Any thus requirement of spare can not be delayed for a long time.

People always search for a reputed elevator company for such reasons. They want such a company who can provide good quality of elevators in the making with the regular after-sale services. Here is our role. We always try to keep our words in our every dealing. We put stress on the security of the people. Goods lifts are handled in a rough way; hence, they need more maintenance than the passenger lifts. It was the time when many accidents occur in elevators. But today they can easily be avoided with the technical advancements. Sometimes, manufacturers withdraw the old spares from the market to create a demand for the new elevator. But it is not accepted all the time. An elevator is durable; it is not easy to change them now and then. But, such a change is a must, if the old one is consuming higher power. In today’s market, low energy consuming elevators are very much available with sophisticated designs. We are the pioneer in this area. Our designs are well accepted not only in this country but abroad also. Energy consumption also depends upon the capacity of the elevator. Higher capacity consumes higher energy. Moreover, these new-age lifts move in the hydraulic method of elevation hence require lower maintenance.

Taking all into account, you must go for an established elevator company which concern both the manufacturing and maintenance of the elevators. They must have well-stand in the spare handling and should be prompt in service.

Safety in Elevators.

An elevator transports people between floors of a building. It has only vertical movement. It runs on fixed tracks and hanging in nature. As it carries people, so safety measures are essential. The maker and the owner both are responsible for its safety. It is the reason why an elevator needs regular inspection. Various cohesive measures are taken while a lift is made. They are the must and to check while buying the same.

Door Locks:

Locking of the doors should come first in the list of safety measures. It is the locking system of the lift that keeps the passengers safe inside. The lift should not move at all if the locking is not proper. Again, the door should not lock if any item is stuck between them. The elevator must alarm while it happens. The door tracks are to clean regularly for the smooth movements of the doors.

Shock Absorbers:

Shock absorbers are other crucial things to note. It is essential at the two endpoints. One while landing on the lowest point and the other is at the topmost end. In both the points, an elevator strikes most. So, if the shock absorber is not right, it will give a lousy jerk which may harm people inside. Some good quality lifts have parachute facility as salvation from tearing the hang. It controls the speed in such cases.

Other Methods:

Door camera is another method for safety in an elevator. It is merely a sensor-related system. The door camera does not allow the lift doors to close if something is there in the door panel. Moreover, a safety button should be in the elevator to ask for help. It is an alarm that informs other persons about any issue in the elevator.

The smooth operation of an elevator is desirable. It is a necessity for a high-rise building. The owner has to take care of these measures in a regular interval.

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