Lift is one of the most important elevators for any multi-storied building. It easily carries the passengers and goods to different floors. It is necessary to trust a famous lift company for lift installation. We are a reputed service provider in the lift industry offering unique installation, repairing and maintenance. We have expertise in all kinds of elevators and escalators. If you are looking for a suitable Lift installation service provider, Frankson Elevator Company is the only solution for you. With the expertise and working experience, our technicians and engineers can provide world-class Lifts installation service. We arrange everything in a cost-effective manner. Our company also offers quality Lift installation services for buildings of any specification. Require lift installation in your office or corporate house? Give a call to us and relax. We will serve you honestly. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Elevator Installation :

Frankson Elevator is specialised in the successful installation of new elevators. We offer both freight and passenger Elevator installation services including lifts, escalators, dumbwaiters, and others. We can install elevator system in new and existing residential, commercial as well as corporate buildings at very reasonable prices. Our team of experts provides Office Elevators Installation service in corporate houses. Our Passenger Elevator is unique for commercial buildings such as stadiums, shopping malls, airports, and railway stations.


Frankson cluster provides wonderful Elevator Maintenance services to the clients. The unequal services increase the lifetime of the Elevator systems greatly. Frankson Elevators & Escalators helps the clients in maintaining the standard and repair the lifetime of the Elevators. We are regarded one the foremost revered and dependable Monthly Elevator Maintenance service suppliers in the industry. Our company offers comprehensive Elevator Maintenance computer programme to keep the Elevator in operating condition. We have a reputation to use original components that we produce from top quality raw materials. We are always keen to satisfy the special demands of the prestigious clients.

Our team of efficient technicians and engineers use computerized monitoring system for better efficiency ensuring longer operational life. Get best and reliable Yearly Elevator & Escalator Maintenance service for new generation elevators. Frankson Group provides comprehensive maintenance contract on yearly basis to ensure safe & smooth operations with lower expenses. Our on-site diagnostic arrangement enables our engineers to render best-in class maintenance service for Elevators & Escalators.


We provide unequal Elevators & Escalator Repairing Services on all Elevators & Escalator systems on a contractual basis. There appears a time when a part or system of an elevator has to be repaired or replaced entirely. Repairs can be of different measures. Some are large and require lots of man and machine power while others are small and quick in response, never even affecting the flow of traffic in your building. Keeping the customer requirement in mind, we always attempt to find the most suitable way to resolve the problem. Our technicians primarily survey the site for identifying problem areas. Once the trouble is detected, our experts fix them at an early date.


Our Elevator Repairing and Maintenance service are highly praised by our clients. All types elevator Repairing and Maintenance are executed with the help of advanced technology by our team of technocrats. They conduct the necessary repairs within the promised time. Examples of some common elevator repairs – Hoist Ropes, Governor Ropes, Hoist Machine, Worm & Gears / Brake Shoes, Hydraulic Machine Repairs, Hydraulic Valve & Cylinders, Governor Replacement, Bearing Conversions, Bearing Retrofits etc. Our Elevator Repairing and Maintenance service are really reliable and satisfactory.

We provide consistent Escalator Repairing and Maintenance service for the customers. Our talented & trained technocrats execute unique Escalator Repairing and Maintenance by using advanced technology. Escalator Repairing and Maintenance service is done as per customers’ requirements. Our services are offered at reasonable rates & within the stipulated time.

If you require more information about Frankson Elevators & Escalator Repairing Services, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always keen to assist you.

supply Of Spare Parts

Frankson Elevator always supplies brand new quality equipment for the maintenance of the elevators and escalators. The spare parts are made of quality virgin materials to suit the requirements of the elevators or escalators. They are durable and long-lasting. They are produced using superior technology. They provide long life to your products. Frankson Elevator Group is vastly experienced in installing new or relocating and reinstalling used elevators, escalators and moving walkways. We offer a complete supply and installation package, including; transport, temporary works assessment and supply, building off site, and the testing and commissioning of elevator, escalator and moving walkway units.

At Frankson Elevator Company, we have facilities in manufacturing several mechanical parts of elevators and escalators and also have the capabilities of sourcing and trading most elevator parts and electric components. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality elevator and escalator replacement parts in a timely, most professional manner.


Though elevators and escalators are the safest medium of transportation in the world, accidents can occasionally occur as a result of unsafe riding practices. Frankson Group realises the importance of following some simple escalator safety guidelines to ensure passenger safety. It’s essential not only to know how to properly ride elevators & escalators but also what to do if the elevator malfunctions. Please refer to the elevator safety tips below for more information on both situations. Please abide by the safety norms to keep safe and secure.


* Before getting on the elevator, know your destination and push the down or up button once and make sure to stand aside for the outgoing passenger(s).

* Do not attempt to stop a closing door with anything. Just wait for the next elevator.

* Be careful while entering and leaving an elevator. Observe the entrance floor and if elevator floor is not levelled with each other, step over the gap if not dangerously wide.

* When riding on the elevator, stand back from the doors and pay attention to the floor indicators and be prepared to exit at your desired floor.

* If the door does not open when the elevator stops, push the door open button. If the door still does not open, ring the alarm button and/or use the emergency telephone or intercom and ask for assistance. Wait patiently until qualified personnel can assist you. Never force the doors open or try to exit. Attempting to open the elevator doors by force can be very dangerous and can result in injury.